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Do You Beaucoup?

Enroll in Beaucoup Rewards and enjoy fuel discounts and exclusive promotions. Pick up a card from inside the store or download the Beaucoup Rewards app. It’s easy – use your card inside the store to earn rewards to save.

Please review our Terms of Use here.

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Questions? View our FAQs or fill out the Contact Us form.


Beaucoup Rewards App

Downloading the Beaucoup Rewards app is the easiest way to enroll in Beaucoup Rewards. Use the app to track your fuel discounts & view gas prices. You can even turn on the pump for contactless payment!


Fuel Discounts

Save10¢ per gallon every time you accumulate 250 Gator Bites.

You can use your fuel discount instantly, or save and stack them! Limited to 20 gallons. 


Gator Gas

Gator Gas members save up to 3¢ on every gallon, every day. Login & link your checking account to get started. You can also download the Beaucoup Rewards app for easy, contactless payment.


Get More Gator Bites 

Members earn 2 Gator Bites for every $1 spent at Tobacco Plus and Ambassador Wine & Spirits locations. Exclusions apply. Rewards points can be redeemed for fuel discounts at any Shop Rite location. Learn more here.

Add Gator Gas Payment Method

Gator Gas allows you to pay using your Rewards card. After enrollment, follow the steps to add your checking account. It works like your debit card using a secure PIN. Members paying with Gator Gas will save up to 10¢ on every gallon, every day.

Already a Beaucoup Rewards member? Add Gator Gas in the mobile app or log in to Beaucoup Rewards here.

Learn more about how we keep your information secure here.

  • Save up to 10¢ on every gallon, every day

  • Secure PIN authorization for every transaction

  • Members can use the Pay at Pump feature on the Beaucoup Rewards app

  • Use to purchase gasoline and in-store merchandise

  • Works at all Shop Rite, Tobacco Plus and Ambassador Wine & Spirits locations

  • No credit card fees

  • No membership fees

  • Every transaction has an email receipt

  • No bank holds will ever be placed on your account

  • Multiple cards can be linked to one bank account

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